Multiculturalism in music - 28.11.2011. Taksirat Makedonija

“Multiculturalism in music” is a pilot project carried out in collaboration by the three largest popular music festivals in the region – Taksirat (Skopje), INmusic (Zagreb), and EXIT (Novi Sad). The project aims to address the importance of cultural differences to a wider public, especially accenting the often neglected or unrecognized impact cultural differences play in shaping contemporary and popular culture. Since music is a medium unhindered by language differences, it serves as the perfect vessel for promoting the values behind this project, and thanks to new technologies, music is available to the widest public on a global level.

Along with concerts and public discussions, the main output of our project is a “musical exhibition” – an multimedia, interactive musical “encyclopaedia” that gives our visitors the opportunity to explore unknown and new musical expressions and cultures, raise awareness of the enormous impact “non-western” music has had on popular culture, and finally to create their own audio-visual experience of the exhibition through personalized playlists and video clips. With such a contemporary and interesting approach we hope to present our audience with the wide variety of sounds and colours that shape contemporary music and the world music scene.

The project “Multiculturalism in Music” is part of the European Culture Programme 2007-2013.

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