MULTI-CULTURE : mission & vision
Project MULTIKULTURA deals with the phenomena of cultural diversity, the existence of many cultures, or multi cultures.
The problem of intolerance towards diversity is already known. This intolerance has manifested itself in different ways throughout history, whether through conflicts between nations, or within a society. The problem of Xenophobia is still present, even in the most developed of countries, and presents a substantial danger to their stability. Because of the non-acceptance of diversity, some areas are in constant conflict and instability.
Often cultural difference s used as a means to justify conflict. And the fact of Universality in cultural diversity is ignored.
In the project "Multikultura", we aim to study culture, in a wide social context, and to act against misconceptions and biases towards dissimilarity, by portraying specific cultures in a multidimensional and multimedia program.
The universal element of culture is dealt with in the place of its manifestation, that is, in specific cultures. We present the cultures of different national, ethnic, religious… communities, from all over the world, with the aim of promoting tolerance and understanding towards dissimilarity.
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