Arieb Azhar

20.11.2012., Zagreb - Močvara

Arieb's musical journey started as a child when he discovered that when he expressed himself vocally, people would pay attention. Because both his parents were involved in television and theatre he was exposed at an early age to different musical expressions.

Multiculturalism in music

28.11.2011. Taksirat Makedonija

“Multiculturalism in music” is a pilot project carried out in collaboration by the three largest popular music festivals in the region – Taksirat (Skopje), INmusic (Zagreb), and EXIT (Novi Sad). The project aims to address the importance of cultural differences to a wider public, especially accenting the often neglected or unrecognized impact cultural differences play in shaping contemporary and popular culture. Since music is a medium unhindered by language differences, it serves as the perfect vessel for promoting the values behind this project, and thanks to new technologies, music is available to the widest public on a global level.
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